It’s no surprise a country as vast as Russia has a lot of top-of-the-bucket-list travel destinations. Truly, this is a country of immense natural splendour. From ancient mountain ranges to ocean-sized lakes, from remote rugged wilderness to picturesque countryside.

Nature Reserves have long history and it has its own word of definition Zapovedniks (Russian: заповедник, plural заповедники, ) more than 100 Nature Reserves exist in Russia and more than 50 National Parks it has a great attraction to tourists.

The majority of attractive sights to see in Russia are found in or near St. Petersburg and Moscow. Guided tours in these areas bring to life the culture, colors and history. Near St. Petersburg is Novgorod, one of the oldest settlements in Russia. Featuring the famous 11th-century St. Sophia's Cathedral and Novgorod's buzzing Kremlin, the heart of downtown, this city is worth a day trip to explore the rich history of Western Russia.

St. Petersburg is home to a wide variety of world-famous art and architecture. The Pushkin and Catherine Palace Amber Room is a historic work of architecture; the surrounding gardens are also unique. Peterhof, the Grand Summer Palace by the shore, is a beautiful location with rare fountains and a unique beauty. For one of the most diverse collections of art in the world, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg offers visitors a look at both world and Russian art.

 Moscow is the capital of Russia and is also a well-known city for its breathtaking and unique architecture. Perhaps the most famous cathedral and piece of architecture is St. Basil's Cathedral. Nearly every Moscow city tour includes a look at this magnificent structure. One of the best displays of Russian art may be found at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Also of interest in Moscow is its scenic Kremlin.

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